ElarionElarionWelcome to Morgiliath.com. This page attempts to cover many of my hobbies and interests so there should always be something new for your enjoyment (hopefully). Check out the blog and any of the various other sections of the site. I will try to keep the site news updated any time there are changes or additions to the site

All of the content that was previously on the site is now available at this location. If you find that you are getting a "Page not found" error from a link that you found on another web page, just replace "www" with "static" and you should get the page you were trying to link to.


In Memoriam

I am not in the habit of looking backward, so I have not made any changes to the first web site I ever created for over 10 years. True, I have moved it from host to host as I have changed internet service providers over the years, but I have not really altered the content in any way. » Read more

Still Alive

It's been over a year since I have done anything with this site. (Ok, that's not strictly true: I did silently implement some Suckerfish style tabs and uploaded a render of a minotaur player character). » Read more

Slow Progress

I still have not had much opportunity to add content to this site. Between the loss of my laptop and being constantly on the go, I have not been able to get much done.

I have tweaked the functionality of the site as more modules for Drupal finally become available and ready for Drupal 6. And I did a some content in the form of a picture of a Japanese Calligraphy project I did over the holidays.


It's been a while since I have updated this site. However, I have not been idle during this time: I have continued to work with a client site and been working in the background on this site. » Read more

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